Are you there?

When I’m confronted with the image of an infant connected to so many tubes, with a parted gown revealing an incision the full length of his chest, I can’t help but question… where are you in all this, Lord?  He has had such an uphill climb from the moment he was born – a road pitted with multiple surgeries, numerous challenging diagnoses and extremely difficult decisions for his parents to make at each crossroad.  It has been a veritable roller coaster of emotions for his family and all those following little Joshua’s fight for life.  You see Joshua is a Warrior.  In fact, there is a shield above his hospital bed that proclaims just that.

I have followed his story, as one of many prayer warriors voluntarily enlisted in his battle.  You see, Joshua is not fighting alone.  As pictures are posted, and as his family members recount their own struggles, triumphs and weaknesses throughout this battle, we have all grown.

Prayers posted, words of encouragement given, similar walks through valleys shared, and multiple prayer warriors enlisted daily, all prove that Joshua’s battle is not his own.  In his brief life thus far, it is hard to tell how many people have been impacted, and how many more will follow exponentially.

Some time ago, when I was asking God about the trying times that we go through on this earth, I was struck with the following statement…  “It is not about the physical.”  God is spirit.  So, it follows that His concern is first and foremost in the spiritual realm.  The physical is secondary.  God is speaking through Joshua’s life – as He walks with Joshua and his family through this difficult time.  Joshua’s parents have demonstrated what it is like to lean into, and not away from, God through the trials and tribulation of their precious son’s battle.

God doesn’t say He will remove us from the struggles of this life, but He does promise that He will walk with us – strengthening and holding us up throughout the journey.  “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10 NLT)

I cannot answer why Joshua struggles physically, but I can see so clearly that his life is having a magnificent impact upon the spiritual lives of so many people – literally all over the world.  How is your life impacting others?  How has God used your valley circumstances to create mountaintop experiences in the spiritual lives those around you?

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Water of Life


  1. Hop into a long steamy shower…
  2. Pour filtered water from the Brita pitcher into the Keurig coffee pot for a delicious, nearly instant cup of coffee…
  3. Open the refrigerator to select a flavored creamer for the coffee…
  4. Head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and prepare for the day
  5. Open the walk-in closet to choose from the racks of far too many clothes for one person…
  6. Slip on one of the many pairs of shoes that line the walls of the closet….
  7. Check out the status of the “dirty” clothes in the basket, taking a mental note that I really need to throw those into the washer this evening before sitting down at the computer…
  8. Stand in front of the cabinets to decide what I will have for breakfast this morning…
  9. Settle into my beach chair in the corner of my office for my treasured moments of quiet time with the Lord… drinking from the river of life…  And, it is here that I realize how different my routine is from my lovely friends in Uganda…. how very different our lives are.

There – days often revolve around making the long trek to gather some very dirty, disease ridden water from the closest source – which might be miles away.  They may not know where their next meal is coming from, and washing clothes is a back breaking manual task performed with a baby on your back.  They taught me true faith!

In the midst of the many differences though, there is one important similarity that I found in those that I met…  we both drink from the same river of life!  My friends are ever so grateful, and literally radiate the love of God – regardless of their circumstances.  Lord, help me to be more like them!  I am truly blessed in so many ways that I do not deserve.  And yet I have so much to learn.  Help me to learn to adopt a Ugandan spirit of gratitude, faith and peace in the midst of the storms.





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Compassion Uganda 2013

I finally finished a video tribute to the Compassion International sponsor tour that I had the privilege to experience this past January.  So… of course, I wanted to share…  Click on the link below (allow about 15 minutes, and grab the tissues).

                                              Compassion Uganda 2013



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